American Diner Vinyl Restaurant Cafe

A stylish restaurant based on the motifs of the 50s and 60s


It offers not only burgers but also other snacks such as Hot Chicken Wings, onion rings, milkshakes, excellent coffee, and desserts.
The restaurant is part of the Terra Technica museum, and the entrance to the restaurant is free.



New section in museum Terra Technica for european jukeboxes and pinballs.

Conference hall

Are you looking for suitable premises for your congress, seminar, conference, celebration or other important events…? Contact us, we will arrange everything!


We offer rental of a hall with a total capacity of up to 200 people.

We will be happy to provide you with a technical background. Preparing the space according to your wishes is a matter of course.

  • Size:

    260 m² (conference hall)

    300 m² (conference hall + adjoining bar)

  • Technical equipment:

    4k projector, 7.1 Dolby Surround sound system

  • Catering:

    We offer small snacks, American or other themed banquets to catering for the most demanding customers.

  • Free parking with a maximum capacity of 320 cars right in front of the Terra Technica Museum!

    Accommodation in the Jukebox Hotel, which is directly opposite the museum.

If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us:

Bc. Andrea Weisová

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

+420 724 724 110

Sound & Vision

New section in museum Terra Technica.

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Jukebox-Hero and Pinball Wizard

Start a Time Travel tour  on 8500 sqm through a special  Experience World . In 6 Sectors You find a exicting ,colorful World. TT characterized a special cultural development from 1890 to the present day. With 850 Jukeboxes, 250 Pinballmachines and 500 Video- and Computergames ,Terratechnica unique worldwide.

Additionally -to all eras -there are special Collectibles which bring your Childhoud dreams to life and make adulds to children again .
For example : The actual Batmobil from the 1989 Movie and a lot of Superheros.


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Progress of the Conversation

Look,watch and learn this is the rule in the Special sector like the CINEMA Movie Area (..when the pictures learns running) or learn at the Audio Area ( cames the sound into the storage). Here You can follow the fast development in Pictures and Sound and with real Exponats from the special historic Epochs.
Easy understanding for Young and Old.

First coinoperated Edison Cylinder Phonograph starts  for a  sucess story about 100 Years. In a fascinating way,the devices and their mechanics are presented to the visitor . Open cases and visable mechanic give you an idea - how thoughts the invantors and constructors .

The route is the goal was the Solution . A selectable record from a small selection of music needs a Coin and then "press the Button " and hear Your music . Construct this working music machine without came in trouble with  existing patents -this was the reason for a lot of crazy and adventurous Solutions .

Big Names like Wurlitzer,Seeburg,Rock-ola,AMI and Mills are the most famous represents of this genres.

A original Diner with a bar,bring you in the american Lifestyle from the 50 and the 60 .Visit our Vinylrestaurant and play 7 " Vinyl records with the new original Sound Leisure " Rocket " in the style of the Rock -Ola 1455 Jukebox from 1955. Select easy from Your table with the Wallboxes in the orig. Seeburg Design . 


Shared passion , double joy

ROn aufHarley

Ronald Seunig

Ronald "Ronnie" Seunig (born1964) Owner and Creator of Terra Technica shows his " magnificent technical Collection and  Know How " to the public worldwide. Over the last 20 years he has accumulatet the worlds most comprehensive Collection of Jukeboxes in the World.He did the majority of restoring and repairing personally  and he knows each screw and technology from these musicmachines .The thoughts of the Inventors and the practical implementation fascinates him everytime.

Ask Ron for his Collection Target  --then You hear " 1001 " jukeboxes  ..then i will be satisfied the Rolling Stones ones said : I cant get no Satisfaction !

In 2006 Ron met Guenter Freinberger and found a rare Expert and Fan for the same Collection Hobby .They became big friends and Guenter became a partner of Terratechnica .

Together they have a unique experience for the world of exceptional collectables from a wide time frame to be enjoyed by all visitors .Who also loves this kind of technology.


csm Pindigi terratechnica logo background.jpg f752d78eb7

Günter Freinberger 

Guenter Freinberger (born 1961) had as a altar boy his first contact with a pinballmachine .He loves this game and the sound and colours of the machine and start to collect jukeboxes and Pinballmachines very early as a young technic guy.

After selling his company ( Digi Technik ) ,he devoted himself entirely to his passion and took over complete collections worldwide for his Pinball Private Foundation.

Today Guenter (Pindigi) owns about 570 pinballmachines and 70 Jukeboxes with a lot of rare games and other oddities.In Pindigiland at Ruprechtshofen he have  his storage and restore workshop . With Ron Seunig and Terratechnica he found a Friend and a place ,where his lifedream becomes realized colossal.