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Living Legends

The first Pinballmachine ,the largest Pinballmachine and the most expensive or the rarest Jukeboxes ...all these famous Collectibels .You can see all at our Time Travel Journey Museum Terratechnica .See the worlds largest Collection with mechanical ,electrical and elektronik Jukeboxes ,Pinballmachines , Arcade Games from through out the decades .
Discover throughout 8.500 sqm over 600 Jukeboxes ,200 Pinballmachines and 500 Videogame Classics.
Meet Spiderman,Superman,Batman and Ironman and the original Batmobil from 1989 Movie in  Sector V of 6 Sectors.



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10.00 - 19.00

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.. for Your own Party /Event - Birthday or others

American Diner-Vinylbar-daily open

... fantastic Retro US -Diner Atmosphaere

... Jukebox Record Selections direct at Your Table


NOE Museums Springtime at 18. & 19.May

Special Exhibition - Sound & Vision

All the Day in Cinema:Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy Movies


OPEN 10.00 - 19.00

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American jazz afternoon in Terra Technica Museum - January 20th 2019


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OPEN 10.00 - 19.00

Time Travel...

Magic Machines , Time Machines

Which Jukebox was playing as my grandpa ask grandma for a dance ? Which pinballmachine did my dad spend all of his Money ? Which technical mechanisum was working ,which design was modern at  this time ? Transport Yourself to another time and learn something about past decades.

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