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here are always some fantastic News ..

Enjoy this fantastic area -- with other Persons  and enjoy  the American Diner  -- at Lucys Vinylbar. Play Your own record and music on different "Play me " jukeboxes and fromYour Table in the Vinylbar .

Book an Event --Your Own Party  at Terratechnica ... You have this  always in Your mind.

Our Location is  also very unic for Photo Sessions and Filmstudios .

 Speak with us .


Am 24.12  von 10h00 bis  15h00 geöffnet.
Am 25.12. von 11h00 bis  19h00 geöffnet.

Vom 26.12. bis zum 30.12.  Normal von 10h00 bis 19h00 geöffnet.


Am 31.12. von 10h00 bis 18h00 geöffnet.

Am 1.1.2018 von 11h00 bis 18h00 geöffnet.

Alle anderen Tage Normal von 10h00 bis 19h00 geöffnet.





1.Austria - CZ VINYL Music Festival -Announcement 9.u.10.Nov.2019

The Vinyl Music Time Travel Event is the first and biggest in Europe in this great Area - Terra Technica Museumworld. Its for Shopping Vinyl,Cd, Jukeboxes,Pinballmachines and some other HIFI High End stores are here.Indie Label market,Live Acts (R.Stonez) - get-Togehter and some other Specials . See the World biggest Wurlitzer Show -- with near 900 Jukeboxes  --its incredible.          Details follow ..and see
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Surprise Your guest with a unic Event at Terratechnica . Use different Bars like Cinema Bar or Harley Bar or the Beautiful American Diner - Lucys Vinylbar .

You can book from 25 Persons  to 500 Persons .

Special Catering available or from You .

Flexible Time .. and Special Tours  ... Customer is King .